Step 1: Basics of Speedy Pips (Day 1)

Watch these 5 videos in order & join telegram

Join this telegram:   Cash Trap

Step 2: Set up Broker (Day 1)

Pick any broker, click on logo



-Minimum Deposit:


--Rollovers & double up.

 -Easy Trading platform

-Most used across all go live educators




-Minimum Deposit: $500USD

--Rollovers & double up.

 -Easy Trading platform

-No Countdown

-Approved by go live educators



-Minimum Deposit: $500USD

--Rollovers & double up.

 -Easy Trading platform

-No Countdown

-Approved by go live educators


Pocket option:

-If you have less then $500 create an account here.

-Negative: No rollovers.

-Also create a demo account on this website to practice Options.

To Deposit onto these brokers:

1. Create a Shakepay Account:
2. Put your money in:
3. Deposit the money onto Broker:

-Verify your Shakepay account 

- E-transfer the amount you want to add to your binary broker to your Shaekepay account. 

-Within shakepay transfer CAD to BTC

-Go to the deposit section on your options broker. 

-Go to account funding -->  Select Bitcoin

-Click Fund the account: copy the address and amount put both in your shakepay account where it says send BTC and send it to your broker.

Now you can trade :) 

Step 3: Get started with Learning & Earning

Start with phase 1 of learning & Create your trading plan. go from there.

Image by Mufid Majnun


Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 3.01.31 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 3.01.31 PM.png

LEarning Through FRX

Note: Binary Options Brokers are Unregulated so trade safe!

Withdrawal rules with a 500 started account: 

1st withdraw: Wait for your turnover to reach about 2k then you can withdrawal about $100-250

2nd withdrawal: Reach about 4k-5k turnover and then you can withdrawal another $250-500

3rd,4th,5th, withdrawals: Try to keep your % of withdrawal around 5-10% , more in your account more you can take out. Build a relationship for about 90 days and then they open the doors to pretty much anything. 

6 and on withdrawals: Do not take more than 45% of your account out. It looks suspicious and they may put your account into investigations. You have to understand this isn’t a get right quick. Your money is better in there growing and you living off the profits instead of it collecting dust in your bank account gaining no interest.