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Securing Passive Income

A. Cryptocurrency Portfolio (Set up)

Portfolio Set-up: (Example with $10k)

50% Safe: ETH, SOL, XRP, ADA ($5k Split up)

30% Mid: VET, DOT, SAND, MANA, LINK, XLM, MIOTA, AAVE, ELF, XTZ,XMR ($3k split/6)
*Research best projects to pick the 6 and determine allocation to each*

20% Risk: SUPERBID, OMI, ATARI, ENJ, ONE ($2k split, 2-4 projects)

Once you have $10k to invest start part B (stock portfolio)

B. Stocks Portfolio (Set up)

Portfolio Set-up:

60% into safe stocks (US100, guaranteed up over next 5)


35% flyers (big potential companies in booming indutries)


5% penny (Brand New companies Crazy Risk)

Once you have over $20k in the markets, lets start on Real Estate.

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