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Real Example:

So risking around 5% of my account here in this example would be $50 since the SL was 45 pips, and 0.10 is 1$ per pip, we risk a total of $45 (4.5%) if we did a total of 0.10 trading. Hence we input the trade 4 times: 0.05 (50% of total) for TP1, 0.03 (30%) of total for TP2 & the last 20% for TP 3 & 4.

The key is follow proper risk and split allocation up for TP levels so you're constantly securing profits.

Making Money

from Forex

Download the Stready App and/or the Goldcup Application and follow their alerts following our 3 phase process

Phase 1: Learn how to Input Trade Ideas (Day 1)

How to input a trade/set up a demo account:

In this section you want to watch these 4 videos and understand exactly how to input trade ideas and make money using proper risk.

Calculating Pips:


Calculating Pips for Indices

Proper Risk Management:

Note: In this video we explain

how to do it, but for a easy way, use:


(risk 2-3% MAX per trade)

*To graduate to the Next Phase Check-In with your mentor*

Phase 2: Practing Inputting Trades on Demo, setting up live account (First 2-3 trading days)

In this section you want to practice and play around with the methods: hop on live calls, follow ideas, , also have your live account set up and get comfortable using Metatrader: getting comfortable with trading and inputting trades. Once you're done this section send a message to the person who enrolled you to move on to phase 3.

*To graduate to the Next Phase Check-In with your mentor*

Phase 3: Start trading live: Alerts + Live Calls. (within first week)

In this section you should be comfortable enough to put in trade ideas on your live account and risk real capital. Once you completely understand all videos in Phase 1 & have practiced enough on your Demo to be confident you can start making real money off trading.

How to Use Steady!
The Basics:
How to use it (app):
Proper Risk:
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