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A. Understand the Basics of the Foreign Exchange market:
Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 4.20.05 PM.png

Take and complete the IM Academy Beginner's Bootcamp;  this will commence your trading journey & give you the basic knowledge needed to see success in trading Forex,as well.

1. Go to the

2. Select from the menu "Beginners Bootcamp"

3. Login to your IM Account on

4. Click each video and watch all 1,2, 4-8 in order, when logged in to you can watch all videos simply by clicking "watch this video"

5. Also watch FRX Market Patterns. 

B. Cashtrap

Watch this video and learn how to use Cashtrap!

Purchase the cashtrap add on.

C. Backtest and implement (Day 3 of Learning):

backtesting your mark ups on trading view on your HFX account over and over again until you have a strategy down.

Watch Waheed, Omar & Simba apply it in real life!

D. Create a Trading Plan & Now Options trading is a passive stream of Income in your life (Day 4 of Learning):

A general trading plan for HFX is trade one session for 1-2 hours a day. 

Risk 2% per trade. Daily Loss Goal: 3% of your account down and you're done for the day and Daily win Goal: 6% of  your account growth and you're done for the day.

15% max growth for the week and done trading.

Compound your money.


Click here to calculate your potential acccount growth.

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