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Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I get started?

In order to get started simply contact the person who invited you to this site. In case no one has told you about it , do not hesitate to send an email to support:


Is there an age limit for Genxt?


There is no age limit to be part of the Genxt family however, in order to trade in certain markets, you need to create a broker account that requires you to be 18 years of age. 


Could I join Genxt anywhere in the world?


Yes, you can join this team anywhere in the world. Just get back to the person that showed you this website and they will explain how to get started.


How long has this been around?


The GenXT movement has been around for the past 14 months. However, trading has been around for the past 150 years but genxt has found a way to optimize it for the most potential results, before the previous 10 years trading was just available if you had large sums of money. 


What do I get out of this platform?


We provide you a network of likeminded people that are already successful with this system that provide mentorship towards you and show you how to do the exact same thing. On top of this we provide foreign exchange, crypto currency and stock education as well as alerts from top experts that tell you the best places to invest. We also give you the ability to earn a form of residual income by becoming a representative for our movement.


What makes us different from all the same things online just like this?


The number one thing that sets us apart from other things like this is thing is every single person that joins the Genxt family is set up with a personal mentor that ensures you are successful with our platform. On top of this we have the best of the best education platforms partnered with us and a 24/7 support team here with the genXT family to ensure you all reach your goals whatever the may be. 


Are there risks involved with investment in your platform?


With every investment there is risk involved. What our system allows you to do is we teach you how to use proper risk management to avoid most potential risk to ensure you are constantly in profit. 

Do I need experience?


No, you do not require experience to profit with our system as we provide you with the education that teaches you how to understand these markets. 


Why do some people make more than others trading?


The reason some people make more than others is based on the initial investment. The more you invest the more profit you gain.


Do you gain a percentage off my profits?


No, we do not. Any money that you make in the different financial markets we do not touch. You will be trading through a separate third party broker in each market which is completely separate from our company. We provide education and ideas that everyone uses to profit with their own money using a complete third party entity.

How time-consuming is this?


In terms of trading, it is not very time consuming at all. You get expert alerts sent directly to your smartphone everyday. You copy and paste two or three numbers which takes about 30 seconds. If you would like to learn how to trade it could end up being a little more time consuming but is definitely worth the time put in. If your interested in becoming a representative for the team, then it could be time consuming depending on how big of an income you want to earn from it.

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